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Disrupting Tech Hiring: Fast-Track to Talent with Our Network's Reward Platform
Transform your hiring with our vast Network of Tech Recruiters. Receive candidates who are open to your specific vacancy and meticulously filtered by Huntly.
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For Employers
Increase the pipeline of relevant candidates who are open to considering your job and pre-screened by Huntly experts.
Boost recruiter motivation by offering bonuses tailored to your budget.
Pay only if you decide to hire our candidate.
Post a Vacancy It’s free
10x candidate pipeline increase
4/5 candidates sent to a company get an interview invitation
400+ recruiters ready to fill your vacancy
10 guaranteed number of relevant CVs in 10 days
For Recruiters
$150K Available in rewards on the platform
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Hassle less Relax and wait for the updates, interviews are on our side
Earn limitless Bring on talent anytime, for any position. The sky is the limit for your earnings
Leverage your network Match your contacts with our vacancies
Receive up to $15,000 per successful hire Unlock a reliable backup income stream
Grow professionally Source developers for top tech companies
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Yet, as your interest in Huntly goes above and beyond, we're thrilled to provide you with additional information about our product, company, and the vision driving us.
Sergiy Ovcharenko
CEO & Co-founder
Letter from CEO

Howdy, I’m Sergiy, CEO and Co-Founder of Huntly.

Thank you for your interest in our product, which we developed with passion and a strong desire to innovate tech recruitment. I'm delighted to welcome you to Huntly and hope we'll take this journey together.

I’d like to take you behind the scenes of our company and the mission we follow.

Over the last 10 years, I have been working in the tech industry in a variety of roles focused on setting up or optimizing R&D operations for IT companies. During this time, I learned one important thing – as a central component of software, people largely determine a product's success.

There is one major problem with that – the way we find and hire the right people has not changed since the 1970s. We either go to an agency or ask our friends for a referral. Why don't we enhance our recruitment approaches when there's so much room for innovation?

That’s why we created Huntly – a tech recruitment platform that reimages the distribution of IT talents to meet industry needs better. Based on the network of professional recruiters our solution facilitates cultural and professional matches between companies and tech talent across the globe. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional IT recruitment market by leveraging personal referrals on a scale to cultivate long-term relationships among business visioners, recruiters, and talents.

Therefore, I invite both employers and recruiters to join the platform to become a part of the recruitment industry shift. We look forward to working with you and hope you can feel our love through the product we create and every interaction with the Huntly Team.

We go beyond ordinary hiring: building long-term relationships, not transactions.

Sergiy Ovcharenko,
CEO and Co-Founder of Huntly