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Case studies

$7500 of referral bonuses
Filling 4 Senior Tech Positions Huntly operated as an extension to Alcor’s internal recruitment department. Overall, our recruiting community referred more than 100 candidates for all four openings. Alcor expressed profound satisfaction with Huntly's support
27 CVs
4 Hires
1 month
Blockchain, GCP, AWS, +6
26 Candidates in 48 hours Recognizing the time sensitivity of the request, we immediately activated our recruitment community. Within the first 48 hours of posting the Senior Frontend Position on our platform, we received an overwhelming response.
26 CVs
2 days
JavaScript, React


Alcor expresses profound satisfaction with Huntly's support in addressing our critical recruiting needs. The efficiency with which Huntly filled four highly challenging senior tech positions surpassed expectations. Their approach, quality, and pricing policy make them an invaluable partner. The prompt identification of the ideal candidate for the challenging CI/CD DevOps Engineer position stands as a perfect recruiting case study for Huntly. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration.
Maryna Panchuk LinkedIn logo
Maryna Panchuk
Head of IT Recruitment Department I Alcor
Once I saw the Product Designer position on Huntly, I decided to take the opportunity and refer candidates I knew to the position. Every step — from choosing the vacancy to uploading candidates to tracking their progress and receiving a bonus — was smooth. I’m definitely going to refer more professionals through Huntly.
Patricia Barbosa LinkedIn logo
Patricia Barbosa
International Recruiter
Recently I started collaborating with Huntly — an online platform where you can recommend candidates for specific roles, and receive bonuses if they are hired. a few weeks later, with some 40+ recommended candidates (out of which some are in the final stages), and bonuses to come, I realized that it was not a bad idea to give them a try.
Daniela Anton LinkedIn logo
Daniela Anton
Independent IT Recruiter
Huntly has truly transformed the way tech recruiters like myself operate, making the hunt for top-notch talent an effortless and rewarding journey. Huntly's mission to revolutionize recruitment and facilitate the hiring process for all parties involved is evident in every aspect of its platform.
Diana Lepadat LinkedIn logo
Diana Lepadat
Key Account Manager and Recruitment Lead

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