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Recently I started collaborating with Huntly — an online platform where you can recommend candidates for specific roles, and receive bonuses if they are hired. When I first saw their ad, I was reticent about recommending candidates. I thought that it is hard to earn those bonuses and that I will work in vain.

However, a few weeks later, with some 40+ recommended candidates (out of which some are in the final stages), and bonuses to come, I realized that it was not a bad idea to give them a try.

Since I was pretty active in recommending candidates, they proposed that I become a Huntly partner.

Daniela Anton LinkedIn logo
Daniela Anton
Independent IT Recruiter

Huntly has truly transformed the way tech recruiters like myself operate, making the hunt for top-notch talent an effortless and rewarding journey. Huntly's mission to revolutionize recruitment and facilitate the hiring process for all parties involved is evident in every aspect of its platform. The user-friendly interface, and responsive support team demonstrate their commitment to making recruiters' lives easier.

I like the idea that by leveraging Huntly you help tech talents make rewarding careers and companies grow fast and efficiently.

Diana Lepadat LinkedIn logo
Diana Lepadat
Key Account Manager and Recruitment Lead at Alcor

Once I saw the Product Designer position on Huntly, I decided to take the opportunity and refer candidates I knew to the position. Every step — from choosing the vacancy to uploading candidates to tracking their progress and receiving a bonus — was smooth. I’m definitely going to refer more professionals through Huntly.

Patricia Barbosa LinkedIn logo
Patricia Barbosa
International IT Recruiter


Should I sign up to refer candidates? Yes, all users should create personal accounts to refer candidates. After signing up,you will be able to track the status of your referrals, estimate potential revenue, and navigate smoothly within all the candidates and hiring companies - all in one place.
What happens after uploading a CV? After sharing a CV, you receive an automated reply from us via the email that you specified before. This letter confirms that Huntly successfully received the CV of your candidate and started its processing. We will be using the same email to inform you about each stage that your candidate passes.
How do I track the status of a referred candidate? You can see the progress of all your candidates by logging into your personal user account. Additionally, our account manager will be in touch with you throughout the entire recruitment process to answer all your queries and provide updates on your referrals. This communication will be conducted via email.
What are the options for receiving a referral bonus? If your referral is successfully hired, we offer several options for you to receive a bonus: money transfer to your bank account, transfer via common payment systems such as Wise, Payoneer, or Revolut. Alternatively, we can discuss other options that would better suit your needs. Please note that no B2B collaboration is required between you and Huntly.
What guarantee is there that Huntly will pay the referral bonus? The Terms of Use published on our website serve as a public contract in which we undertake to inform recruiters of the progress of their candidates and pay them a referral bonus in case of a successful hire. It’s a legal agreement based on which money will be paid and no other arrangement is required between you and Huntly - meaning you can start referring tech talents right now!
How does Huntly address privacy issues and comply with GDPR? We understand the importance of protecting personal data and this is reflected in our policies. As per GDPR, we require all recruiters on our platform to obtain candidates' consent before transferring their personal data, including CVs, to us. You may find more details in the Section "Special rules when personal data is not collected directly by Huntly" of our Privacy & Cookie Policy.
What does remote in the job description means? Positions labeled "remote" that mention a particular country mean the company is searching for candidates who can work remotely, rather than in the office. It's all about working flexibly within the specified country.
Do you compile those CVs to create your own database of candidates? Recruiters are Huntly's greatest asset, so we don't use any CVs shared with us elsewhere and don't use them for our own hidden purposes. You own all intellectual property rights to the candidates you refer.
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