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26 Candidates in 48 hours

Sourcing 26 candidates in 48 hours
Founded: 2021
Industry: Financial Services
Location: USA, Europe

Mean Finance is a visionary financial entity encompassing a dynamic ecosystem of products and platforms. They are united by a singular mission: to propel the global transition towards decentralized finance while fostering economic equality for individuals and organizations globally.

Tech Stack


Mean Finance, an active player in the financial technology sector, approached us with a critical talent acquisition challenge. They had a pressing need for filling several Senior Frontend Positions that required niche expertise in the Web3 field. The urgency stemmed from the fast-paced nature of the industry. Mean Finance sought our assistance to boost the candidate pipeline and swiftly identify suitable tech talents who could seamlessly integrate into their tech team.


Recognizing the time sensitivity of the request, we immediately activated our recruitment community. Within the first 48 hours of posting the Senior Frontend Position on our platform, we received an overwhelming response. A total of 40 referrals were submitted, demonstrating a keen interest from our recruitment community and qualified professionals in the Web3 domain. Huntly experts meticulously prescreened each CV to assess the candidates' skills and experience. After a rigorous selection, we presented Mean Finance with a carefully curated list of 26 highly relevant candidates, and out of those, 22 were invited to the interview. Not only did they possess the technical proficiency required for the position but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the Web3 landscape.

26 Number of CVs
8 Recruiters
2 days Time to source
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$7500 of referral bonuses
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4 Hires
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