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FinTech Vacancy Filled. 22 CVs in 48 Hours

22 Candidates in 48 hours for a FinTech Product
Founded: 2014
Industry: Financial Services
Location: Europe

The client is a market leader in providing security and infrastructure solutions tailored for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Leveraging distinctive, proprietary technology, they serve both individuals and companies, ensuring secure and efficient operations in the blockchain space.

Tech Stack


The client faced an urgent requirement to hire a Jira Expert with a comprehensive and specific skill set. The ideal candidate needed to have extensive experience with various project management methodologies, Jira Software (JSW) and Jira Service Management (JSM) tools, and numerous Atlassian apps. The role demanded a high level of expertise in customizing Jira projects, developing solutions using Jira Assets, optimizing system performance, and integrating applications using APIs and Webhooks. Additionally, knowledge of the ITIL framework and LDAP integration experience were desirable. With such a specific and detailed set of requirements, finding the right candidate quickly was a significant challenge.


Understanding the complexity and urgency of the hiring needs, Huntly promptly activated its recruitment network. Within 48 hours of posting the Jira Expert position on our platform, we received an enthusiastic response from our community. Our team carefully prescreened each CV, evaluating candidates' technical skills, experience, and compatibility with the client's detailed requirements. This thorough process allowed us to present our client with a curated list of 22 highly relevant candidates.

These candidates not only met the technical criteria but also demonstrated strong proficiency in English, which was essential for the role. Out of the 22 candidates presented, our client was able to rapidly proceed with interviews, significantly expediting their hiring process and ensuring they could continue operations without delay.

22 Number of CVs
6 Recruiters
2 days Time to source
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