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Tired of lengthy and expensive processes for hiring dedicated developers? Having 10+ years of experience in the tech recruitment industry, the Huntly team created a platform to provide you with the best developers in Ireland in the shortest time possible.

Leverage the power of the Huntly professional tech recruitment community to hire software developers in Ireland and beyond.

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5-7% fee or $5-10k per hire
15-35% fee or roughly $20-30k per hire
2000+ local recruiters on board
10-20 recruiters on board
We cut your recruitment costs...

while taking tech hiring
in Ireland to the next level

Time Get a list of pre-vetted skilled candidates within 72 hours after posting your job
Quality ⅘ of candidates sent to a client get an interview invitation (due to our thorough pre-screening)
Flexibility Name the price for a successful hire and pay only after it is done
Unique Candidates Access hard-to-reach tech specialists who are not available through the other channels
Extensive Reach Up to 10x increased pipeline of relevant candidates vetted by Huntly experts and AI-powered technology
Culture Cultivating loyalty, not transactions. Hire candidates who fit your corporate culture perfectly

How do I hire developers in Ireland with Huntly?

Publish your position for free and set up the bonus
Interview the relevant pre-vetted candidates only
Pay the one-time bonus to a recruiter only after the position is filled
Huntly features
Create jobs
With a registered Employer account on our recruiting platform, you can post as many jobs as you need for free ‒ either by creating them manually, uploading a document with a job description, pulling jobs from your ATS, or adding a link to a posted job from a different website
Explore candidates
You’ll see the first relevant candidates in your Employer account within 72 hours after posting a job. When opening each candidate’s profile, you get their full information including a detailed CV and short summary.
Change statuses
There are the following statuses in your Employer account you can use to sort out candidates: Pending Review, Passed CV Screening, Interviews, Offer, Hired, & Rejected. Leverage them to easily track every candidate’s journey.
Integrate your ATS
If you use Lever or Greenhouse, this will make hiring with Huntly even easier. By integrating one of these ATS systems with Huntly, you’ll have all the information about your vacancies and candidates automatically synchronized across the recruitment platforms.

What needs is
Huntly best for?

Unique Skillset For niche or highly specialized programming positions with unique tech stack, such as AI, ML, Ruby on Rails, React, Angular developers, and more.
Insufficient Internal Recruitment ResourcesFor startups or companies lacking a dedicated IT staffing team in Ireland or expertise required for managing technical recruitment.
High Volume RecruitmentWhen there’s a necessity to rapidly find developers in Ireland, external recruitment can play a crucial role in meeting increased hiring requirements.

Hire developers in Ireland or anywhere in the world

4,5 MLN
specialized tech talents at our dispose thanks to connections with
recruiters globally
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How fast can I find the right developer in Ireland with Huntly?Our global IT recruitment community in Ireland has millions of connections with software developers, so you can expect to get a list of the first relevant candidates available in your city, country, or worldwide within 72 hours after posting your vacancy on Huntly.
What do I need to start hiring developers in Ireland with Huntly?To start using Huntly as an employer, you should have a quick intro call with us and register your account. Once your account is created, feel free to post as many software development jobs as you need for free. Set the price that fits your hiring budget and wait for the first relevant candidates to appear in your Employer account in the nearest time.
Do you provide freelance software developers in Ireland?At Huntly, we focus on building long-lasting relationships between our clients and tech specialists, thus we hire only full-time dedicated software developers. However, our recruiters can provide you with both on-site and remote engineering specialists to expand your software development team.
Do you assist with the hiring process in Ireland and how?Sure! Our team walks you through your Employer account, helps with job postings, and is always available to notify you about new candidates or provide you with additional information about them if need be. Upon request, the Huntly team can also prepare reports on average salary rates and analytics on the availability of relevant candidates in Ireland.
What soft skills to look for to hire developer in Ireland long-term?Communication skills, collaboration and teamwork, problem-solving skills, adaptability and resilience, as well as time management are among the most important soft skills a good developer should possess. They also need to perfectly match up with your company culture, so make sure to check their compatibility with your corporate values during interviews.
What are some tips for hiring software developers in Ireland fast and easy?One of the core conditions for successful tech recruitment in Ireland is a clear understanding of who exactly you need to hire. Think about a perfect candidate profile and create a detailed job description based on this information. Also, make sure to give prompt feedback and offer competitive salaries to attract top talent. While using Huntly, don’t forget about the recruiter fee ‒ higher bonuses motivate recruiters to work on your vacancy in the first place.
How is Huntly different from job boards?Job boards connect employers with candidates directly while Huntly is a mediator between companies and tech recruiters. Thus, when you’re looking for software developers for hire on Huntly, you’re presented with candidates recommended by our professional recruitment community and open to considering new career opportunities. Unlike job boards, our approach provides you with a number of benefits, some of which are pre-vetted candidates, no need for pre-screening interviews (we do this for you), and quick pipeline generation.
How does Huntly pre-screen software engineers in Ireland?Our pre-screening services include several steps. First of all, our experienced recruiters upload CVs of the specialists who meet your vacancy requirements. Then, our AI-based algorithm checks every CV to match core requirements. Finally, AI-approved CVs are verified by Huntly’s internal team of tech recruiters. Such a mix of technology and human touch ensures that you’re presented with the best developers in Ireland for hire.
What is the difference between hiring developers in Ireland through Huntly and outsourcing/outstaffing agencies?Outsourcing/outstaffing agencies aim to provide you with specialists who will temporarily support your in-house software team with engineering tasks. On the contrary, Huntly is your solution to hire dedicated full-time developers from Ireland. One more difference between Huntly and outsourcing/outstaffing agencies is the pricing model. Agencies usually charge hourly rates for every developer who works on your project during the whole time of cooperation. Plus, you pay for additional services like project management as well as software licenses used for your product development. At Huntly, we offer a flexible and success-based pricing model that allows you to decide on the recruitment fee on your own and pay only once the hire is on board.
How much does it cost to hire software developers from Ireland on Huntly?We recommend you to set a price that equates to a minimum of 5% of a developer’s annual salary, or at least $3,000. From our experience, such price formation is fair in terms of the complexity of positions you need to fill (e.g., a recruitment fee should be different for hiring junior and senior specialists), and decent recruitment prices increase the chances of recruiters being motivated to fill your position in the first place.
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