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Big Data & Analytics Engineers play an important role in the information technology industry, handling vast amounts of data to provide insights and drive decisions.

And when it comes to hiring tech specialists, Huntly stands out as an innovative platform, leveraging community networks with thousands of IT recruiters who have extensive contacts, thus making it easier to find the right talent.

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What is a big data analytics engineer? A big data analytics engineer specializes in managing and analyzing large datasets to extract meaningful insights. They use advanced tools and techniques to process data efficiently, ensuring its accuracy and usability for decision making.
Are big data engineers in demand? Yes, big data engineers are in high demand. As organizations increasingly rely on data to drive business decisions, the need for professionals who can manage and analyze this data effectively continues to grow.
How much does it cost to hire a data analyst for big data projects? The cost of hiring these engineers varies widely based on experience, location, and project complexity. At Huntly, you set the price on your own, starting with the minimum of 5% of an engineer’s annual salary or $3,000 for hire.
Will I be able to interview a big data analyst I found on Huntly? Absolutely. Huntly ensures you have the opportunity to interview shortlisted candidates to assess their fit for your organization before making any hiring decisions.
Does Huntly offer a guarantee for hiring an analyst for big data projects? Yes, Huntly offers a service guarantee. If the hired candidate does not meet your expectations within an agreed period, Huntly will provide a replacement at no additional cost (or offer a refund).
Where is it better to hire big data engineers? There are numerous recruitment methods you can use to find the necessary tech specialists, but we believe that Huntly can do this job best of all. With our expertise in the tech field, millions of developers available worldwide, and a mix of AI technology and human touch, we can provide you with the first relevant candidates 72 hours after you post a vacancy.
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Why Do Companies Hire Big Data Engineers?

Companies hire big data analytics engineers to enhance their data team's productivity by automating data processing tasks and improving data quality through meticulous validation and cleansing. These engineers implement cutting-edge technologies, enabling organizations to handle vast datasets efficiently. They also help in deriving actionable insights that drive business decisions, optimize operations, and create competitive advantages. Additionally, big data engineers ensure compliance with data regulations, thus mitigating risks associated with data handling.

Skills to Look for in a Data and Analytics Engineer

When hiring a data and analytics engineer, it's essential to look for a diverse set of skills that cover the entire data lifecycle. The following are key skills that a qualified candidate should possess:

  • coding: proficiency in languages like Python, Java, or Scala for efficient data processing;
  • collecting data: expertise in web scraping, API integration, and database management (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB);
  • transforming data: skilled in ETL processes and tools like Apache Nifi, Talend, or Informatica;
  • data warehousing: knowledge of solutions such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake;
  • data analysis: ability to use statistical methods and tools like R, SAS, Tableau, and Power BI for insightful analysis and visualization;
  • data expertise: in-depth understanding of data architecture, modeling, and database design, ensuring data quality and compliance;
  • communication skills: strong ability to convey complex data insights to non-technical stakeholders clearly and effectively.

When Should Your Team Consider Hiring an Analytics Engineer?

It’s time to hire big data engineers when you experience a rapid increase in data volume that existing systems just can't handle efficiently. These specialists will also bring value if your organization is transitioning to data-driven decision making or facing challenges in maintaining data quality and integrity. Additionally, when implementing new data technologies or expanding analytics capabilities, big data engineers provide the necessary expertise to manage these changes effectively.

What Is the Average Big Data Analysts Salary?

The average big data analysts salary varies, depending on factors such as experience, location, and industry. In the United States, entry-level positions typically start around $90,000 per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $150,000 or more annually. In major tech hubs like San Francisco or New York, salaries can be higher due to the increased cost of living.

Hire a Big Data Analytics Engineer with Huntly

Huntly offers a cost-effective solution for hiring candidates, often costing up to two times less than traditional recruitment methods. You only pay after the candidate is hired, ensuring no upfront costs. Huntly allows you to decide on the recruitment fee, providing flexibility and control over your budget. With support at the early stages of the hiring process, Huntly simplifies and enhances your recruitment experience by presenting you only with the best-matched pre-screened candidates.

So, leverage Huntly's extensive network to find that perfect match for your organization!

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