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Experience the Future of Tech Hiring Today.
Post a Vacancy, Set a reward and enjoy the Network Effects!
Unlock exclusive Tech talent referred by our expert Recruitment Network and thoroughly filtered by Huntly
Huntly Magic
Clients’ results:
      35 CVs in 48 hours for a Fintech company      5 job interviews in 10 days for an AI Engineer position      98% of hired candidates pass a probation period       10/10 of vetted candidates fit companies’ corporate cultures      
Personalized Service with a Touch of Tech
Combine the reach of a network
with the precision of expert filtering
10x increased pipeline of relevant candidates who are vetted by Huntly experts and technology
you decide how much to pay for the successful hire
pay only after the hire is done
candidates sent to a client get an interview invitation due to our thorough pre-screening
Work with a Dedicated Account Manager
to experience the perfect blend of human intuition and tech efficiency
Expert RecruiterBenefit from a decade of recruitment experience and industry know-how.
Personalized CommunicationEngage in one-on-one discussions to ensure we understand your unique needs.
CVs Pre-screeningWe ensure every candidate you see is the best fit for your organization.
Reports & AnalyticsStay informed and ahead of your hiring game with regular updates, insights, and comprehensive reports.
5-7% fee or $5-10k per hire as a success bonus to a recruiter
15-35% fee or roughly $20-30k per hire
350+ local recruiters on board
10-20 recruiters on board
We revolutionize traditional tech recruitment...
while strengthening
internal recruitment departments
Time Get skilled candidates at a rapid pace
Unique Candidates Access rare or hard-to-reach tech specialists who are not available via other channels
Culture Cultivating loyalty, not transactions. Hire candidates who fit your corporate culture perfectly
Pre-screening No need to go through tons of CVs — we forward only the most relevant candidates
What needs is
Huntly best for?
Unique SkillsetFor positions demanding niche or highly specialized technical skills, such as AI, ML, Data Engineering, Ruby on Rails, and React.
Insufficient Internal Recruitment ResourcesFor startups or companies lacking a dedicated HR team or expertise required for managing technical recruitment.
High Volume RecruitmentWhen there's a necessity to rapidly expand, external recruitment support becomes crucial in meeting the increased hiring requirements.
How it works
Publish your Vacancy. It's free
Setup a Reward. Choose how much you're willing to pay for a successful hire
Enjoy Personal Referrals 🔥 carefully handpicked by us and referred by our vast network of Tech recruiters
Trusted by the amazing companies
Recruitment has never been so safe!
3 months guaranteePossibility to replace the candidate within three months.
Free candidate replacementIf the candidate doesn't pass the probation period, we'll find a new one for free.
Money back promiseА risk-free experience according to our refund policies.
How can I post a job on Huntly? The first step to creating a job post is to log in to your Employer's account and fill in all the relevant fields. The job will be published on our marketplace once our team approves it.
Can I post my jobs for free? Sure, there are no limits to the number of vacancies you can advertise for free! Only if you hire the referred candidate, you will pay a bonus to the recruiter.
What is the minimum bonus for a recruiter? The bonus size is up to you! You can freely adjust it and decide how much you want to pay per hire. Just keep in mind: the higher the bonus, the bigger the recruiters’ motivation to fill your vacancy. 
How do I track candidates who have been referred to me? Your Employer account gives you access to all of the pre-screened candidates. You can change their statuses, send them messages, and download their CVs.
What are the qualifications of the candidates you provide? Our Huntly Team is made up of professional recruiters who pre-screen CVs submitted by our community. As a result, the client receives only the most qualified and relevant candidates who perfectly match all the requirements.
Is there any personal assistance available from you? Our Customer Success Managers are always available to answer your questions, share market insights, and connect you with the desired candidates.

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